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 Updated!! Beginner Account GOALS for HELPER!!

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Updated!! Beginner Account GOALS for HELPER!! Empty
PostSubject: Updated!! Beginner Account GOALS for HELPER!!   Updated!! Beginner Account GOALS for HELPER!! EmptyThu Oct 27, 2011 6:05 am

***DISCLAIMER*** Your on your own b1tches***

config gate:0.3
gatepolicy 0 2 2 2 0
config hiding:.4
processingpolicy h n r t
config comfort:1
config npclimit:999
distancepolicy 25 20 20 20 25
//These are the basic goals above for city maintenance (gate policy,resource hiding when attacked,comforting, distance etc...any questions about these look them up yourself and adjust accordingly//

build c:2:1,f:1:1,s:1:1,q:1:1,i:1:1,s:2:1
//refresh button to complete quests, then//
build t:2:1,e:1:1
//embassy up, join alliance and then resources transfer//

build c:3:9
build a:1:1,r:1:1,b:1:1,i:3:1,fo:5:1
research ms:5
build a:5:1
build b:2:10
research in:1,ho:1
build f:5:1,st:1:1
build inn:1:1,fh:1:1
build b:5:10
troop c:1000,s:1000
//stables up:train cavs/scouts for a larger city takeover level 10 npc or better//

config npc:4
config training:1
config hero:1
config trainpol:1
traininghero EnterHeroNameHere 120
config troopqueuetime:2
config troopsusepopmax:1
//The above list of goals is for training troops/hero and for farming. make sure once your Inn/Feasting Hall are built, that you hire a Hero and place that Hero name on the "traininghero" goal line above. This will start your training of troops//

research lo:1,lu:1,mas:1,mi:2,met:5
research ar:8,ho:5
build ws:5:1,st:5:1
build b:9:10
troop t:5000,b:5000
//gets you to building balls/transpos to farm level 5 npcs without losses//
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Updated!! Beginner Account GOALS for HELPER!!
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