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 Finding coords using helper

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Finding coords using helper Empty
PostSubject: Finding coords using helper   Finding coords using helper EmptyThu Oct 13, 2011 5:43 am

Tip on how to use the helper to find someone who either ports away from you or who u really want to find alt cities to stop a bot

use script 'scanmap 0,0 800' which searches the entire map and takes approx 2+ hours.
once uve scanned the map u can use command '/searchcastle (name|alliance|castle) to find coords, the response comes under the command tab and looks something similar to

23:56:58 Command: searchcastle TuffGuys
23:56:58 ===search castle for TuffGuys===
23:56:58 Coords, State, Distance, Castle, Owner, Alliance, Prestige, Honor
23:56:58 Castle 10(111,222), peace, 0 miles, MyCity, Botter TuffGuys, pres 14997337, honor 212942
23:56:58 Castle 10(111,333), peace, 0 miles, ACity, Botter TuffGuys, pres 14997337, honor 212942
23:56:58 Castle 10(111,444), peace, 0 miles, OtherCity, Botter TuffGuys, pres 14997337, honor 212942
23:56:58 ===end search===

Enjoy Smile
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Finding coords using helper
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